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It’s almost 2 years I’m on Fiverr. Usually get 30-40 orders a month. After Dec-15 my sales dropped by a huge & I thought may be due to the festive session. But it remains same even on Jan-7. Got just 2-3 orders in last 15 days. My GIG is for banner design & today, I search for with ‘Banner’ on Fiverr search engine & got that my GIG is a way behind & GIGs with 1/2/3 reviews & without any level GIGs are ahead of mine. I didn’t find any reason, why a GIG with 376 reviews (100%) behind GIGs with mere 1 or 2 review? Does Fiverr giving more exposure to new users? If so, I think this not justice for old sellers. Checkout the screenshot.


The questions is how will sellers and Fiverr work around it to preserve the big money makers.


Yup, I think it’s finally happening. I searched “facebook likes” and only 3 Gigs showed up. And none of the reviews were more than a day old. Same with “instagram followers”. One hit with one day old review.

I don’t think @platin is paying attention.


This is just an idea off the top of my head, but maybe Fiverr is removing ‘proprietary’ names from the search function. And for some reason they started with “Instagram”.

I just searched “instagram followers” (without the quotes) and there were plenty of results with instagram in the gig titles. Whether my idea is correct or not, it seems to be a toss of the coin as to what search results will display.


fiverr search is broken. if you search instagram followers, the results returned will be about SEO, about links and about Twitter, but NOTHING about Instagram

I wonder when they will fix the fiverr search, I hope this year finally


Reply to @interuy: You’re very welcome Carlos. :slight_smile:

Yes, get in touch and ask them. Just bringing it to their attention may get your gigs higher up in the list, at least for a time.

Your English isn’t bad at all! I wish I could use a non-mom language half as well.

Good luck!

interuy said: I believe if somebody are looking for some "travel" gig fiverr need to show travel relative gigs almost, or not?
Oh, absolutely! I'm not saying the terrible search function isn't, well, terrible. I'm just saying that it's been that way for the two years I've been here, and if the forum is to be believed, many users have complained here and contacted Customer Support many times over. The usual response from CS is that "The Fiverr search function is designed to give all sellers a chance..." I'm paraphrasing, but you can search the forum for actual copy & paste responses people have received from CS.

What it amounts to with all Fiverr issues is that they can run their site however they like, and in general that means they want to maximize sales (their commissions) and since there are always new users signing up, they don't feel the need to cater to anyone (or category) in particular.

By all means contact them if you think there is some sort of a glitch - there is the slight possibility that it's a bug in the system - but you'll save yourself many headaches, by focusing on what you do and simply working around what doesn't make sense to you. In a lot of instances, Fiverr doesn't 'make sense'. Like you point out, there is an adult category, but the Fiverr Terms say "adult content" isn't allowed. The Terms also say that gigs that infringe on copyright or violate "third party site" rules are not allowed, and yet MANY of the gigs for sale here, do exactly those things.

It's Fiverr's house and they can do what they want.

PS. I think you may be using the word "almost" incorrectly; what do you mean by it? Do you mean "mostly", like 'more than other things'? :)


Hi @itsyourthing

Thanks for your answer, but I can’t believe that if somebody search for “travel guest post” (by example) fiverr search list Gigs that haven’t the word “travel” in the title, description or tags !!

I believe if somebody are looking for some “travel” gig fiverr need to show travel relative gigs almost, or not?

Best regards



Hi @interuy, as I said above, Fiverr doesn’t guarantee that any gig will be included in the search at all. They rotate what is included however they like. The only way to definitely get views and orders is to do your own marketing off of Fiverr and direct people specifically to your gigs.

On the bright side, buyers are just as likely to find your gigs when they’re searching for something else.

Best of luck to you!



I have the same problem with almost 1 of my gig’s.

and more crazy yet, if you search by example for “travel guest post” my Gig isn’t showed but are showed Gigs for guest post in students, diet, family, music, health. technology, business blogs !!! and too in “adult” but TOS don’t allow any adult relative Gig or yes?

I’m not asking for to be in the “top” or not but almost I want my Gig are listed for the keywords that I use in title and tags, and I don’t understand why are listed gig’s that don’t use the word “travel” by example.

And is so bad that nobody from Fiverr Team answer in the Forum.

Any suggestion?



Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks for your reply, lets see what happened; Already focusing on my other resources & left Fiverr off.


Reply to @mexseo: High quality has very little to do with how many sales you will get here. As a new seller you’re already doing well. But as I said to @bigvee above, everyone’s sales go up and down. Fiverr is specifically designed that way. If you want to be exceptional, you have to focus on attracting your own traffic to your gigs. Market yourself off of Fiverr. That’s the only way to build consistent sales.


same here, I’ve high quality gig


Reply to @bigvee: same here, I’ve high quality gig , spend countless hour creating gig and no result ; (


Update: My is GIG listed under GRAPHICS DESIGN > BANNERS & HEADERS. I browsed through the category but unable to find my GIG even looking after 1000s of listing. Really sad.


Reply to @bigvee: I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s perfectly ‘normal’ - frustrating, but normal - for old/popular/highly rated gigs to be buried in search. And since you may not know, Fiverr makes no promise that any gig will even be included in the search. The only place all of a sellers gigs will definitely be displayed is on a user’s profile.

It’s intentional. They want to be able to “rotate” the search results to give “every seller” a chance. It keeps the most people ‘happy’ and ‘happy’ people keep using the service. They can’t actually favor “old sellers” because buyers would never try the new sellers. If new sellers don’t make any sales for too long they’ll simply go somewhere else. It’s very unlikely that “old sellers” will leave after they’ve been successful for awhile, even if their sales drop.

Really, don’t worry, your sales will pick up again. Even top rated sellers go through highs and lows here - their lows just aren’t as low. :slight_smile:


Hi @itsyourthing

Thanks again for your nice answer.

Yes. I tried to tell “at least show travel relative Gig’s” sorry for my bad english, isn’t my mom lang hehehe

And yes, of course Fiverr can manage the site like they want isn’t my business, but I think they need to check it.

Too i saw many users that put in the Gig the Twitter name by example and it’s not allowed by TOS

But ok… Probably I’ll contact again Customer Support and ask why my Gig isn’t listed hehe

Have a great day