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Problem with funds withdrawal


Hello everyone,

I’m facing a serious problem these days so I thought to discuss it here and get your suggestions.

I had a level 2 fiverr account which got restricted 2 months back :frowning: I created another fiverr account and now I want to withdraw my available funds but not able to do so. I’m using the same paypal account which I was using in my previous fiverr account ( I’ve removed that paypal address from my restricted account so its now associated with only 1 fiverr account ). Customer support says to use a unique paypal address but I’m not able to create another paypal account as I have only 1 bank account.

Please give me some suggestions.

Thank you :slight_smile:


You can attach multiple email addresses to the same Paypal account, so do it that way!


Ryangillam answer is the best for you.

Have you tried it yet?


Haven’t tried it yet. Thanks to both of you. :slight_smile: