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Problem with Gig - 0 order

Hello. 2 weeks ago, we’ve increased the gig price, by this time we have canceled 1 order(so “Order Completion Rate” was fallen down a little) After this, we get 0 orders. We’ve decreased the price again and when we searching our gig in the search button, can’t find it. Any Pieces of Advice?!


When we edit the gig it goes back to scanning section or whatever it is call where fiverr check the gig and see if everything’s fine in this gig so it takes sometime to get back in the search result. Some users says it takes 2 days.
If you want to edit your gig then do it in a 2 to 4 months so don’t edit twice in weeks. I see user here saying that they edit there gig and now they don’t get any orders.

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Thanks for the unswer. So, for example, if my old castumer will order again, everything will be fine?! When we last edited the price, since then passed more than 2 days.

Same issue :thinking::thinking:

Yes, and it’s a good practice to create custom orders for client. That way you can discuss that project and set a good price and delivery time.

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Okay, in this case need to wait. This was bad practice and we think we never increase the price again :smiley:

I also see sellers who increases their gig price and they are very happy. That way they got rid of unprofessional buyers and now they have less cancellation so there is that.
It’s totally fine if you tell me “make up your mind man :angry:

Thay’re lucky :smiley:

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We’ve found that our gig is now searching. Hope everything will be fixed soon

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