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Problem with gig extra

How come whenever I try to add a third gig extra to one of my gigs, the third one ALWAYS gets unchecked so is therefor not visible to buyers? I thought level 2 sellers could have 3X gig extras in addition to the ExtraFast option (which I am not using for this gig)? The title for the third gig extra saves but regardless of the fact that I have checked it to display, when I save it, it always unchecks. Please help.

P.S. I tried submitting this as a ticket but no matter what I do or what browser I use or how many times I clear my cache, when I click “submit” it comes up with an error telling me that my username cannot be blank even though the ticket form isn’t asking for a username (I’ve tried all available options for the form several times) and I’m logged in to my support account when I attempt to submit.

The system is really picky for gig extras, try removing any character that is not a number, letter, space, or period. Also try manually clicking on the gig extra and activate it that way. Also in some countries fiverr has been having a lot of problems your county may be an effected country.

Been having the same problem with all my gigs. Any help?