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Problem with gig status and fiverr's staff doesn't move a muscle

Hey guys!

The story is like this. After i made some modifications to my best selling gig (chamged the cover image), my gig disappered from search. It’s active but it needs further review grom fiverr’s staff. Ok. I don’t have a problem with that even if the cover i used is exactly the same design but with a different size (didn’t like how the preview was cutting into the image).

The only problem i have is that my gig is “off” for almost 5 days now, so, it doesn’t produce work. As i said, it’s my best selling gig with almost 800 reviews on it. As sugested, i opened a ticked after i discovered that my gig is missing in action and, after 5 days, i still didn’t get a response. Yesterday, i saw that there was an action on the ticked but still, no response. Not even “hey dude. We’re looking into this. Give us some time”. I got a message from a bot after 1 and a half days after i wrote the ticket saying that my message is imoortant but it can take up to 10 days for someone to respond.

10 days? Really?

I don’t think this is fair towards the sellers who are here to make a living especially in these difficult times.

Did someone encounter the same problem? Any advice?


If that was your best selling gig, why did you need to make any changes - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Too late now.

CS are currently overwhelmed with new sellers asking basic questions that could be answered by simply reading the Terms of service and help files. You are not being singled out.

Everyone and his dog have joined Fiverr as a response to the virus. Unfortunately that makes a lot of extra work for CS and none of us are getting the service we want from CS.


I made a change because i didn’t like how it was. i’m a graphic designer and i had a problem in the design. imagine that :)))

i know there are a lot of new sellers and the cs guys are overwhelmed but, i believe they have sections for these things. questions, problems, bugs… and so on.

In the ticket, you can see when was the latest activity on your ticket and, as i previously said, somebody from cs opened the ticket and did nothing. that’s why it gets so frustrating.

Triage is happening, I think.

Although, yes, 10 days is a long time to wait.

If your gigs are working, for the love of all things holy, don’t edit them at this time! Eventually everything will settle down and things will get back to something approaching normal. But for now, treat your designer dissatisfaction as any other addiction - just say “no” …


yeah!!! good point. but, when i saw that, trust me … i didn’t think this can happen.

the biggest frustration is that i’m loosing a lot of projects now since my gig doesn’t show in search. it was on top of 2nd page on both recommended and best selling not to say about the fiverr’s choice badge. and it was working.

this really sucks

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Yeah, it does. Still, lesson learned … which is not much help.

On the bright side, at least CS didn’t mark your ticket as solved, which does mean they’ll get back to you. Eventually.

@s1doric1 I am sorry to hear that. But same thing happened with me. I changed one of my gig and then it moved to bottom page. Its been two month since my gig is at last page. I tried to Contact CS but they always give you usual response. Its really depressing , i am loosing customers as well. We can’t do anything.

we are talking about 2 different things here.

fiverr rotates the gigs in the search part. that way, everybody gets a chance. to get on the first 2 pages and stay there, you really have to work lot. me for example, i have 4 years. Cs will say that everything is normal. trus me. i was in your position a few years ago.

as for my gig, i get this

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I am agreed with you. Fiverr always give this response which is not satisfactory for us if we have everything well, like after my gig went down, i completed 10 others with positive reviews from client but still my gig stuck at same place. I am not sure what to do now.

@s1doric1 I think your case is different. Your gig is being reviewed. Once you make changes to your gig fiverr sometimes reviews that gig.

The gig display bug you’re seeing that prevents you from seeing impressions, etc. has NOTHING to do with how your gig appears in search. Nothing. That’s not how algorithms work. If there is a bug preventing your gig appearing at all, well you need to establish that and it may not even be a bug. But assuming it’s related to the analytics display bug is incorrect.

These are separate issues.

i didn’t say anything about impressions. sadly, this is something else. please read what i wrote :smiley:

Same happened with me and I got a response from them after 12 days which was just a copy paste response nothing else.
My top gig with 450+ reviews was on top page disappeared.

Great news :frowning:

I already have 5 days since i wrote. Still waiting

Not great because I think you will get the same response.

i was making fun. i know it’s not great. and i’m already starting to regret spending so many years here seeing how they treat the sellers.

That’s teaches us not to depend on one platform. Backup plan is always good. I spend my hours waiting for some buyer but i get none. And Sellers who have no reviews they are on top. They ask us to maintain good rating, always give quality service i did the same. But still at last page that is totally weird.

You are right, I also spent five years here