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Problem with Gig video thumbnail


Yesterday, I put my video on my gig and try to set a thumbnail, I follow the instructions and there is notice that will be accepted after 6 hours, more are pess but nothing. So can someone tell me what is a problem or I must contact support?


No - no need for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s what works for me - edit the gig video thumbnail ONCE in Chrome.

Give it a few hours and the change should be visible in Firefox.

Wait a day or so and the change eventually shows up in Chrome as well.


Thank you for this answer, I will try.

What about Opera than? :smiley:


Don’t know I’m afraid - I haven’tgot it/tried it.


I use opera and now I log in on google chrome and I can see, there is my thumbnail which I choose :slight_smile: So I think, opera needs some time.