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Problem with ID_Identification

Two days ago I was asked by fiverr to verify my account using the ID_Verification method. I first tried to take a picture of my driver’s license with a selfie but then realized a driver’s license ID is not available in my country.
I then sent them a picture of my ID (9 years old ID card) and a selfie. I didn’t get any respond, so I assumed it was rejected. I contacted fiverr via their support to ask about this issue and they said they will give me another chance to verify my account, and they provided a link to the verification page.

Here’s comes the issue, As I was trying to follow the steps they outlined; each time I click on the ID_Verification link, a blank page would appear with nothing but the the fiverr header on it.
I first suspected it’s because I’m using my desktop, so I tried using my phone and the result is the same; still nothing.

I then proceeded to using a different browser (Edge) since I was using Chrome, and I still got the blank page.

I hope you have a solution for this issue, since only 12 days are left before my verification period ends.


@zachyde contact CS again, maybe they’ll check your ID directly without passing by any link.

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Thanks for your response @abedrahim
Should I contact them by replying to the email they sent me or by creating a new ticket?

def try cs. sorry, I am unsure how to help exactly. But congrats on nearing the end of your verification period!


Brenna it’s not a good thing to be nearing the end of the verification period. :smile:


i already faced this problem. and i was contacted with customer support. they helped me. you need to use your phone to verify this easily. just take pictures of your ID card front and back (high quality). and then take a selfie by looking to your camera (don’t look other side). and then submit, it will verify you withing 2 seconds.

hope this reply will help you. :heart_eyes:

@zachyde If the ticket is not marked as closed and resolved, you can just reply to that one.

Thank you all for you answers. This morning i received two emails: the first said that I need to verify my account, and after 30 minutes or so, the second email said my account has been successfully verified. So who knows what happened, LOL.