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Problem With Image And Problem With FIVERR


Who can tell me how to fix these problems? Let me give

you an explanation of the problems that I’m having.

Problem With The Image

If you want to make a gigg, you need to add an image to
the gig. If there is no image, the gig is not accepted.

But I have a problem. The size of the image cannot be
more than 2MB and it has a minimum of 682 x 459 pixels.

I have an image. I have created it with Paint from
Windows. I use the GIMP program to make a JPEG image
with it.

You can change the image size in the program and you
can change canvas size of the image. I have set both
sizes to 800 x 800.

But when I save the image, there is asked for the
quality. I set the quality to zero. But I get a image
size of 5MB.

I wonder. Is there an option to get an image size of
less than 2MB when working with GIMP. Or should I use a
different program?

Problem With FIVERR

I have taken a small part of my image and saved it as a
JPG image. The size was less than 2MB. But it only
shows up in a corner.

Anyway. I wanted to add a gigg to FIVERR. So I used
that image. I filled everything in. And then I clicked
on the button to add it.

But what happened? I expected another screen to show
up. But that did not happen. The same screen showed up
again. Nothing was said.

Later I checked FIVERR. I wanted to see if a gig has
been added by me. But not gig could be found under my
name. What did I do wrong?

I hope to get an answer to my questions.

Jos van Doorn


I do not use gimp so maybe someone else who does can help you there. I use photoshop (paid software)

But there is also an alternative one called Pixlr that does some amazing image editing stuff too like photoshop. You can check that out cos it’s free.

Now you are correct in that size is 2MB and try to get your image or picture within the width of 682 pixels, and you should be fine.