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Problem with iOS Push Notifications after update? Here's a fix! [March 2016]

OK, so if you’re an iOS user and you recently updated the app and all of a sudden your notifications won’t work and following the instructions in the fiverr app get you nowhere. Give this a try…

If you last logged into the Fiverr App with Facebook, logout of the app and re login with your username and password for Fiverr and not the social login, you’ll then be given a pop up asking you to authorise push notifications.

If it doesn’t, delete the app, reinstall and try again.

There’s also a handy little option to test your push notifications from within the Fiverr app to make sure everything is working as it should.

Uninstalled and installed again but still not showing up under notifications panel to set it to receive notification. :(:(:frowning:

My app has been driving me crazy the last week or so - constantly logs me out, so almost every time I go into it (even if the screen just went off for a moment) I have to log back in :frowning:

Yes. this version of the app is crap, it always kicks you out.

I´ll wait to the next bug fix update until that I will not use it. (Easy for me, but for sure a big problem for Fiverrs, depending on that app.)

And yes my dear developers :slight_smile: It is a Bug, it´s not a feature :wink:

To those who are responding, the OP was written in March so it may be that newer updates to the OS or the app may have rendered this information different. I’d suggest writing to Customer Support for current problems. The app actually does not work right for me on iOS, although I admit too that I have given up on the apps. I just think they are too young (or something) to be useful. I use mobile browsers for Fiverr personally though I understand why people want the apps to work. Keep at CS! (Thread now closed.)