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Problem with log in - log out glitch

Hello, it is some hours that i keep hav problem with fiverr.

Everytime im gonna to reply to a message or deliver the orders, once i hit the SEND or the DELIVER button,

Im Back to the HOME PAGE and i have to log in… AGAIN… AGAIN…AGAIN…

This is frustrating. i have to upload huge files…

Do you have the same problem!?

Hahahahahahahah. I have faced this. Almost broke my laptop but then realized I had spent my own money on this.

This happens when you have saved tabs from previous session and resuming from the last saved session, such as closing browser while shutting down and resuming the same tabs on opening the browser. Happens not often but rarely.

To be safe, make sure to refresh the page before replying/delivering. If it has to give an error, it will do it then. If not then safe to go.

Reply to @kay2809: ahah Kay, thank you again!

Now it seemed to work, it was a grace … T_T was uploading the same files from hours!!!

Thanks, hope this post will help someone other than me!

One of the stories. Me writing by choosing best words and phrases. Thinking like a Shakespeare. After some minutes, re reading like a 5th grader to make sure no typos or anything.

Click submit. End of the world. X(

Also give up on writing again.

Reply to @kay2809: yay, seems that the right words dont come out twice!