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Problem with marking a Gig as delivered

I submitted my delivery for a gig 5 minutes before the deadline, but due to the slowness of Fiverr system the delivery was marked as late. Funny thing is that it showed me that the order is delivered 5 minutes before the time ended: “YEEHAAA! HERE’S YOUR DELIVERY!”, but the countdown was still running and when it stopped, it showed the message “You are late”.

I am afraid this hurts my gig as I loose the chance to make the gig an Express one, instead of a 1-day Gig, just like it is now.

Should I contact the support about it and how exactly do I contact them? The navigation is awful, all I see is searching for my problem in the FAQs and no contact email or contact form.

There is a link at the top of this page, “Contact Support”. You can contact them if you feel there are any bugs with the site.

I would deliver asap, and not leave 5 minutes before the deadline as this can be problematic e.g. if Fiverr crashes, your internet goes down, etc. It also creates an issue if a buyer rejects your delivery, as you don’t have any time to fix the problem.

I’d add an extra day onto your Delivery Days as a buffer. You can always write that your gig is normally delivered within 24 hours in your Gig description. And if it really affects your sales, just switch it back to an Express Gig.

Note - If you are late in delivering an order, it doesn’t automatically get cancelled, nor do you automatically receive a negative. Fiverr does let the buyer know that you’re late but the order won’t actually cancel unless the buyer decides to. Always keep a buyer up to date with an order, especially if you think you’re going to go over the deadline. Most are understanding, lovely people :wink:

I agree, unless there are extraneous circumstances, don’t make this a habit. It’s like doing a paper for an online class and waiting till the last minute to send it in, but the Internet is down. Do you expect the teacher to give you extra time, when the other students have it already in?

As famous business people say, “We learn from our failures, more than our successes.” You’ve learned now to not wait till the last minute, chalk it up and move on :slight_smile:

Hi could you please help me on this I am a buyer and I have paid extra for a gig to be delivered in 24hours ? if they do not deliver on time what happens?

I have ordered lots of gigs and paid extra when I need delivery fast what should I do as it is marked late… the seller did not say any thing about him being late even when I asked 1 hour before deadline if they will be delivering with in time.

they said they are working on it and no response now

I generally at the latest deliver within a 24 hour window to give myself time to respond to the individual in case they feel there needs to be a change made.

@arryme If they don’t deliver by the set delivery time, the funds get returned to your Fiverr account to consider making a purchase on another gig and the buyer gets an automated negative feedback stating that the order wasn’t delivered on time. In some situations by contacting CS directly they may refund you back to your account but this is a rare scenario from what I have heard.

Reply to @arryme: If you’ve paid extra for fast delivery via the Extra Fast Gig Extra and the buyer hasn’t delivered the work. You have the option to cancel the order and get a refund.

Always make sure that when you pay extra for Fast Delivery, you use the Extra Fast Gig Extra and don’t just purchase multiple gigs.

I just digged out this old thread. I have exactly the same problem. After I deliver my order the timer continues to run. I have to reach out to the support for every order I deliver, which is of course neither great for me nor the support. I have many orders and I do not want to bother the support all the time. I have been told that it might be due to the links and that i should attach a txt file with the links. However, this did not solve the issue. Even on gigs were I do not attach any link it still does not complete the order. Any help would be very very appreciated.

It’s really only Customer Support and the Fiverr team who can fix glitches in the system. :frowning:

I’ve noticed that the timer will count down slower than what’s shown …
If you leave your website tab for that order opened… the flipping numbers are actually flipping faster than the real timer in most cases… So when you refresh the page several hours later ,you’ll notice you actually have more time than you had originally before the refresh…

However in your case it seems like the opposite happened.

Always keep your page refreshed often if you’re cutting the timer that close.

It’s almost better to just “Send what you have” or send a “placeholder” if you’re positive you’re going to send the full project very shortly after… This just saves you the trouble of having that late order … and chances are your client wont even notice it in the end because they’ll probably check it several hours later anyway.

This is suggested by fiverr staff… “Send partial deliveries” was suggested here somewhere… I dont really agree with that suggestion … but as I said … When it comes to “oh man I just need 5 minutes and I have 4 minutes” … yea … I’ll send SOMETHING just to pause the timer … as long as I know the real file will come within the next 10-20mins. And often I’ll just tell them that in the delivery.

I’ve only had a small handful of clients who had a problem with this and it was only because they were also watching the timer like a hawk.

Just last week I told someone , “Hey I will be sending the order in very close to the timer , but I may need an extra 30 minutes to complete it - in this case I may pause the timer by sending in what I have and the real file will follow shortly after” …

Client had a fit … saying “I’ve already waited 4 days!! rarararar”

Turns our I turned it in 20 minutes sooner than the timer … I just wanted to let them know I “might” have to turn it in later… but I didnt …
They looked like a fool…

Thank you for that but i reached out to about one dozen of them. They set my order as complete, which is kind but the bug persists. On every single order I have to reach out to them.

Hi there,

thank you for your advise but I think i didn’t express myself clearly enough. I do deliver hours, days ahead of the deadline. But the timer continues to go down AFTER i delivered the order. It is like i never pressed the “deliver your order” button. I am perfectly fine with time management. I am aware I need to calculate other factors in but this is clearly a flaw in the system and it is a very very time consuming one that costs me and the Fiverr support hours each week. Because i have to reach out to the support WHENEVER i want to complete an order. It never marks as “delivered” after i delivered. I am on fiverr for almost 2 years now. I know how to use the system, I know how it should work. I follow the updates and the blog. This is a serious bug and I would love to contribute to fix it but if the only answer of the support is “thank you, we set your order on complete” that is not a fix. That’s a first aid measurement. It won’t cure the issue at all.

Update: Fiverr fixed my account. It works well again now and everything is great. <3