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Problem with my First Order!


Hi, i have a notification that "You have a new order form ********* and are awaiting buyer requirements"
What to do now! guys i don’t know guide please please please!!!
Replay fast!


You need to wait for the buyer to send their requirements, so please relax while you wait!

Good luck, and have a read of the following so you know what’ll happen next.


Congratulations on receiving your first order! :slight_smile:


I used Apple Pay to Order to packages for 6$ a piece and both parties said that they didn’t receive the money but it drafted from my wellsfargo account. What should I do ?


Thank you so so MUCH !
im really happy :slight_smile:


Speak to customer services - they’re the only ones who can help with order/money related stuff.


OKOK thank you DEAR!:slight_smile:


Hi Jonathan, I’d suggest to ask Customer Support (edit: like someone already did while I was still typing slowly on my phone) , you’ll find the link in the footer of fiverr. com.

Your Screenshot says debit cards and on fiverr’s payment methods page it says ‘most debit cards’ I think, so maybe there was an issue because of that.

Might just have been a glitch too though, the site had a hiccup yesterday. But Customer Service will be able to advise you in either case.


No problem Osama - my name’s Lorna, not dear!


:grinning: i mean beloved Lorna.


i see no orders in your queue… However, you can nudge the buyer to submit requirements before starting an order.