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Problem with my gig?


I think I have a problem with my gig. I created it at the beginning of December and on the 7th of December I had 4 orders, everything went perfectly, it generated me throughout December the sum of $ 160. Now the problem, from the middle of December, my gig started to stop working, in the idea that I started not having views at all, when I was giving him search I found him on page 3, now on page 9 or not at all. .

Believing it was due to the holidays, I didn’t worry. As we enter the new year, I have modified the images of the gig and the tags. Now the problem comes as follows, most days I do not even have a visit, then I wake up that my gig has 50 visits, the other day and I have no visit and then I wake up with 250 visits. All this without having an order. And what’s most important is how do those 50-250 views happen when my gig doesn’t even find it until page 20?