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Problem with my GIGs

Hello Friends.

I am Dev, A freelance artist from INDIA.

Guy I have joined the Site around 20 days ago and create 3 GiGs on Cartooning, Sketching, Caricature.

and I get some good buyers and rating.

But I am little confuse for my GIGs now.

I Get all order on my Cartoon GiG only, Not on my Sketching & Caricature GiG.

Is there any problem on my another two GiG??

Will you check my GiG and tell me what wrong with it??

I am new here & I really don’t know what happening with my another 2 GiGs??

Help Me please.


Dev :slight_smile:

To me it looks like 3 of your gigs are almost identical (from the title). May think about being more detailed as to the differences. Also, you just posted the gigs a few days ago. Give it time, your other gigs will most likely sell too. Remember to promote your gigs too in order to get more sales.

Reply to @wesleygw:

Thank you sooo much for your reply wesleygw

Reply to @iamdev: You are most welcome!