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Problem with my other account

Hello I have a problem with my account. I link my google account, my phone and my email, to a Fiverr account and I deactivate the account. A few days ago I tried to connect to this account to make a gig to sell services. Then Fiverr pop up a message “this account is no longer available”.Now I made a temporary account with another email to try to solve the problem. Also I tried to contact with Fiverr support to ask to unlick all my data from the old account to make a new one but I couldn’t find anything about an email,a form or a live chat button to describe my problem and chat with someone to fix it. I write my problem here as my last change to solve the problem before change email and phone. Please help me!


It’s against the Fiverr TOS to have more than one account. I would suggest removing your second account so that you don’t get banned from Fiverr.

As @marinapomorac was showing in her reply, make sure that you fully read the TOS before continuing on Fiverr.

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ok sorry but I made the second account after my primary account has deleted so I don’t have two Fiverr accounts at the same time. And I just want Fiverr remove my google account and my phone from the old account to delete the temp account and make a new primary account.

The problem with this is that whenever a seller gets a back review and starts off on the wrong foot, they can simply delete their account and start over.