Problem with new created Gigs! Anyone encountering this problem?


I have just created a new gig and see what I got :

why is it all Negative?

the pictures says everything

is it a bug or everyone is having the same issue?

Also, my gigs not appearing in search :confused:


UPDATE: my gig did not appear in the NEW section :confused:


I think the picture you posted would be normal for a new gig with the current system. It seems like it would indicate that since the gig is brand new, so far the page hasn’t been viewed or clicked and there are no orders or cancellations on it. When I post new ones, it looks like this for anywhere from hours to days. The better optimized gigs start to show numbers and green arrows pointing up when people start to find and view the gigs.

I might be misunderstanding your question, but that’s my best suggestion for now. :slight_smile:


Also, one big thing to remember. You said you just posted your gig. Those stats only refresh once a day. (Around 9PM Eastern US time.) So if you created the gig today, those are going to stay at 0 until it does it’s daily refresh.

Just keep that in mind.


Reply to @theslackjaw: Well, I know that, it’s just that it didn’t happen before, I’ve created so many gigs and they were fine

the other thing is, my gigs are not appearing in search, can you do me a favor and check too?

I’ve contacted Fiverr but haven’t received any response yet…


This is just a “graph” . It is probably graph based on average per day. If your average goes up then it will be green. If it goes down, then red, at least I think that, but maybe is something else. Its not a bug, they made like that. But to be honest, I am not sure why they made like that.


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Reply to @rockerbabe: I just did a search and you were right. I could not find your gigs. (Searching for your name directly still works.) I would put a ticket into CS. Especially if your stats are still zeroed out.

Good Luck!