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Problem with one of my previous client from another market place

Hi…!! All of Fiverr experienced user. Please help me about this issues.
I got one message in my Fiverr inbox. like this

“YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE SLICK! I CAUGHT YOU HACKING INTO MY WEBSITE AND I SENT THE INFORMATION TO FIVERR. …[rest of buyer message removed by moderator - not needed to answer the questions]”

I replied the user like this

"Sorry I didn’t do anything even I don’t know link of your website. You are wrong. Already I worked more website yes some time I created user same like this for work on website but why I will hack my client website ?? Thanks"

Again I got reply from this user. He/She told me. I’m laying with her/him.
When I seriously search my computer. I found this user was my another market place client. When I created website for him/her. I created WordPress admin user. I told her/him about this but still don’t believe me and send me message like this again and threat me to destroy my online activities. Please share your idea what should I do now.


It doesn’t appear to be anything to do with Fiverr.


Thanks for your reply. I’m few confused about my account. If Fiverr take any action against me. I also block message of this user.

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If they’re threatening you on Fiverr, as they seem to be, just block and report them.


@offlinehelpers I sent more message and describe everything clearly that I worked your website in November 2017 but still don’t believe me & send me message like this. Even his/her another market place account not exist anymore but I have all proof. He/She gave me good review for complete the work. Thanks

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What happened elsewhere really won’t bother Fiverr!

Stop replying, block and report.


This is something you will have to work out with Customer Support IF the buyer contacts Fiverr. The forum has probably given you as much advice as is possible. Thank you for not posting the username or private info about the buyer. Please don’t post/copy anything else that the buyer sends you and post it here. Good luck!


Since it is an outside project that has not been done through Fiverr so No worries! Your client won’t be able to " destroy your online activities". He/she does not have the ability even if he/she has the intention too. All you have to do now to just be calm! Block the person.

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How about if they purchase their gigs under a new alias just to sabotage them?

Who’s actually going to spend money to do that? It costs at least $7 to buy a gig now - they’d have to be very sad to contemplate it.

If it did happen on Fiverr, then the OP would report it to CS and have them deal with it.

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People who have nothing else to spend it on…

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@fonthaunt @offlinehelpers
After block receiving message from this user. I got new message from another user and told me he/she is the lawyer of previous user. He/she want submit about me to the computer hacking division for investigation. I don’t know how to fix it. Just confused about this matter. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Calm down, block whoever is sending messages and move on.

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Please report this to CS - they don’t need to know what happened anywhere else but on Fiverr - if users are threatening you, they need to be aware of it to take action.

In the meantime, please block and report anybody behaving in this way.

Hope you get it sorted. :sunny:

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If you really want to pursue things like that, contact Support. Tagging specific forums users is unlikely to help much and is a bit annoying.