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Problem with online status

I have a problem with the online status
I remain online the whole day but I can’t find my gig when I filter the search results to online sellers
please help if you run into a similar situation
thank you

Please keep in mind, the search results you see, are not the same results other users see. Search results are unique to each user, based entirely upon each user’s metrics, stats, interests, past search history – things like that. This means that if YOU don’t see your gig where you want to see it, someone else is still likely to see your gig visible when THEY search for it.

This is the nature of algorithms. They affect each user differently.

If you don’t see yourself as being online, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t see you either. Just be a great seller that your target customers need to hire, and don’t worry as much about where or how you see your gigs featured in the search results. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply
The problem that i haven’t receieved any order or even a message for 14 days now
I am just worried and don’t know what’s going on

If you aren’t gaining the kind of orders you want, then perhaps you need to improve your service, image or marketing. YOU are responsible for getting orders. There are no guarantees of orders just because you have services hosted here on Fiverr. Study your services; research your target customers. Find ways in which you can connect to your target customers, and provide them with the services that solve their problems.

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Thank you i will try in different ways