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Problem with order countdown

Plz help me friends!

i was deliver the order very soon but there is some problem.

The countdown does not stop…

Time continuously running…

if time is finished then maybe fiverr cancelled my order on the other hand i already 6 hours ago deliver the task…

I don’t know what’s problem there

Can anyone help me please??

Did you actually click on the “deliver order” button?

If you didn’t do this, the gig would not be delivered (eg if you just added an update to the gig, this doesn’t deliver it).

Or has the buyer requested modifications or a cancellation?

If not, it could be a bug.

If you are simply late in delivering your gig that is OK (well not really). Let the buyer know. The clock turns red and will say ##LATE## when your time is up. There is a message to the effect saying the buyer can cancel the order if you don’t deliver within 24 hours.

If you’re sure you’ve delivered properly and your buyer didn’t ask for modification, then it’s definitely a glitch (happened a lot of times to me too, don’t worry, you’re not alone).

Write a ticket on Customer Support site and wait for their answer.