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Problem with payment - New on fiverr


I am new on fiverr, and recently I got a friend to buy a service. However, when it comes to finalizing the payment, an error keeps showing up. It happened to more than one buyer. The credcard company said that the site had reversed the purchase. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I have already submitted a ticket. Does this usually happen? I barely managed to sell a gig and this happens.


May be you can contact CS.


I did. Still waiting for them to reply.

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Did you fix the issue?

Nothing yet. Two buyers related the same problem to me. They tried with credcard, debitcard.
Big frustration. :confused:

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Having similar issues. I know a top seller who said he’s experiencing similar issues and just informed me to use paypal.

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I will ask them to use paypal, and see if works.

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It seems like paypal is the only option right now. Support told me to wait 24 hours and to retry my card. Wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same issue.

I found some old posts that related the same problem. With paypal too.

Paypal seems to work. Card still isn’t working.

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Paypal worked for me today. (2) Card still isn’t working. Support answered that the customer have to send them ticket.
Imagine if you need a service for tomorrow, and have to send a ticket to receive the answer 2 days later.
I Hope that they resolve this soon.

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Exactly. I remember contacting support and due to COVID-19 it took over a week for them to reply back.

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