Problem with response rate


I had a perfect 100% response rate. A few days ago I had a conversation with a buyer. I think she was using her mobile phone and her messages where broken in to several message like how they chat in chatting or messaging platforms. I would receive two, or three messages at the same time without enough time in between to reply.

For example:

“See attached”

“I’ll send a new file”

“file is compressed”

All the above 3 messages will be received at the same time time. After this my response rate fell to 89%. Is this method used to calculate response rate reasonable?

To me no. It is not reasonable, specially since response rate is considered when reviewing our level.
And should be changed to check if couple of messages are sent within a very short time period and calculated accordingly.

Like to hear your thoughts on this.

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It changed to 90% as soon as I replied to a message four days ago and today it went down to 89% without any reason.


I still don’t understand the response rate…Do i have to send message till mine response become the last message even if the conversation doesn’t need my response? i think … it must be based on the response at the order page not on inbox response.


i think there is a bug or something mine has been stuck at 89% for weeks now even though ive replied to every message right away.


The response rate seems to have a lot of mystery around it.

According to Fiverr, it is only impacted by the initial inquiries you receive. So, if a new customer messages you before ordering, and you respond, it’s only that response that counts towards your rate and response time.

This seems a bit odd to me, as I’ve noticed issues as well. I respond to everything, and mine still hovers between 90-100%, so I really do not know.


I simply reply ok or thank you to even to messages that doesn’t require any response.

Mine is now 90%. Just replied a message it went up.


it is only impacted by the initial inquiries you receive.

I read the article in the link. I also reply within 24hrs for every message, not just the initial messages. If what fiverr says is the way they want to calculate it, then there seems to be a bug they should fix. Or most of us going to have issues on January 15.

Thank you all for the valuable inpot :slight_smile:


it’s buggy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Response rate has been buggy since they introduced it.


It’s bugged as something can be, even if it has been reported since it’s inception.

Thankfully support has always fixed it if asked about it! Though I’ve just ignored it for the past 6 months or so. Could explain why I’ve received less orders than usually in that time. :thinking:


In the last week, I’ve had to ask CS to review my response rate and my completed orders rate because both were dropping with me doing nothing wrong. They “refreshed” them their end and they both shot right up into the 90%s then.

Try CS. I hope that they get this fixed before the reviewing process starts in January!


I agree, if this is going to potentially demote seller levels then I would hope it is working perfectly! Perhaps they’ve been working on a fix as they prepared the new level system and everything will be ok!


I asked a CS to look into my problem. He simply replied how the response rate was calculated rather than looking into the actual problem. :unamused: