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Problem with revenues page

Well I don’t know I’d anyone else is experiencing this little problem but I thought I should let the techno people know that some of the pages/tabs in the Android app are misbehaving… I just opened the app to read and respond to a review then decided to check my revenues and was greeted by what I think is Spanish (this happened on the desktop browser platform before)… I don’t know if the desktop or iPad app is affected, or any other tabs, and its not a train smash… But it is extremely annoying… I would attach a screen shot but the capability doesn’t seem to be around on the app… Anyways just thought someone should know…


AAANNND an update… I’ve just checked the desktop browser platform and there is a problem with the revenues page (although the language is fine). Usually you have a little countdown bar showing how long it is until the revenue for an order clears but although my ‘pending clearance’ balance at the top is right - there is only a status bar for an order that was marked complete BEFORE the scheduled maintenance a little while ago.

This is a much bigger problem than the language issue because I need to know when I can expect to be able to withdraw funds so that I can schedule the paying of my bills etc. accordingly. And this feature is not available on either of the apps so it is highly frustrating!! Please fix the Revenues page and quickly because I would be very ticked off if it turns out that there is also a problem with the Withdraw feature!!

P.S. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with any other pages/tabs.

Hi there!

To my knowledge this isn’t actually an error but is happening because funds clearing at this point on your account would actually be clearing in the new year - 2017.

As the mobile app defaults to the current year, you wouldn’t see them there.

The desktop has the 2016 filter set by default. Change this to 2017 and you will see the information you require regarding clearing times.

Hope this helps


yes im facing earning page error and 100+ orders to be cleaared on september 17 and i never completed 100 + order

There’s a newer thread on this problem hopefully someone will message a fix or something.

thank u will wait for that thread