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Problem with Seller: "fragglerock"


I am writing here, to avoid than any other buyer get into the same situation like me.


  1. I had found a seller named “fragglerock” , and used his service to get a video, where he “rap” a custom lyric on a video.
  2. I received the video, and with 1 small correction it looked good, so I was happy.
  3. As you know you have couple of days before the order gets automatically closed, so I had placed a good review about the seller, since I was happy about his service, not being aware of the problem followed…
  4. After I posted the video I was paid for online, Youtube blocked my video saying, that it has copyright content.
  5. I had contacted Charles (aka fragglerock) and informed him about the problem I run into.
  6. He responded to me, that his video content is legal, the Youtube warnign is only because he sold too many gigs, and some of his client claim his beats right as his own.
  7. I believed him, so I contacted Youtube and palced a dispute, where I explained what “fragglerock” told me, as well as I provided the proof of the Fiverr purchase.
  8. After couple of days, Youtube responded, that my dispute is not valid, and they pointed me to the very exact song what “fragglerock” used illegal in his video, since it is an official beat from a well known rapper.
  9. I get back to fragglerockand told him the result, pointing out the fact, that he was lying to me, as indeed it is not a custom made song, but a “stolen” beat from a copyrighted song.
  10. He offered to re-do the video IF I buy a custom beat from someone else, and he pointed me to an other Fiverr provider.
  11. I trusted him again, and I purchased a custom beat from this other Fiverr provider, what I received in time.
  12. I got back to “fragglerock” again, send him the new custom beat, asking from him to re-do the video as he promised it.
  13. It was a month ago. I kept trying to contact him several times, but he never replied to me.

    It was a month ago now. It is obvious, that he is ignoring me, and he has no intention to fulfill what he had been offered.

    I was trying to contact Fiverr to report this and open a case about this, but since my order is closed, nothing I can do, other than keep contact the seller, who is not answering me. Great system isn’t it?

    Anyway, I already accepted the fact, that I had been tricked, and “fragglerock” is an incorrect seller, but I thought I write my story for other buyers to avoid him, as many people “walking into this trap”.

    I know there are many correct seller on Fiverr, but I also believe, that Fiverr should provide possibility to file a claim in such situations, so a seller like “fragglerock” not get away with such behavior especially as rating is an important part of Fiverr politics.

    Thank you for your time,


After everything happened to you, did you write to Customer Support that he sell copyrighted material?

Unfortunately you’re not allowed to call out users on the forum, so his name will soon be edited out. However, you should write to Customer Service and tell them about the situation.

Very Bad behavior. sellers should not use other’s stuff as their own…

Unfortunately this is not the first time this name has appeared here in the forum …just as the previous users have mentioned contact customer support and make them aware of the seller . I am sorry you had such a bad experience …

Reply to @annai80: If you are talking about the name “fragglesrock” it is not a real name. It is an auto-replacement in the system since calling-out is not allowed on the forum.

Thank you for all your comment and pointing to me to a Customer Support link, I was not aware of.

It is very strange, that they not allow seller name calling-out, but that"s policy, so as a very last resolution, I am contacting Customer Support on this link you pointed to me and I let you know what had happened.

Many thanks,


Reply to @bakosandras: Good luck!