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Problem with seller on revision issue

Hello Community,
I recently delivered an order to a client and I have done all the requirements he asked for but the strange thing that he asked me for a revision with new requirements that he never mentioned before. the revision is still in process and already 2 days late, the client don’t want to reply to my DMS, what should i do please?

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Welcome to Fiverr

Revisions mean edits of the requirements that you already did and finish with the full information that you have had, it doesn’t mean new things or new work.

So, you have two options:
1- Accept that new requirements if it was small and forgive that customer because you will not face same as these buyers a lot.
2- Deliver your order after you make sure that you did all the requirements that was in the requirements page and contact Fiverr support on the tickets page explaining all of it.

Next time on your new orders if you felt that the client would do the same thing that this client did, you can make it clear to the client that you want the full requirements and that you will not accept new requirements after starting the order.

Hope that i have helped

hello and thanks deexrs,
otherwise the requirements seems to be tiring, a new recommended system and registration ways.

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