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Problem with Seller

In one of my first purchases after opening an account on Fiverr, I purchased a gig from a seller only to realize immediately after that the product required 2 gig purchases. So, immediately after purchasing the first gig, I purchased another - Total: $10.00

Now, I don’t know if the seller doesn’t speak English or what, but he has accepted payment on both Gigs, but has sent me two individual messages telling me that I need to purchase one more gig for each (like he’s treating my two gigs as separate orders).

No matter how many messages I send this guy explaining to him that I have purchased the required 2 Gigs (just separately) he keeps insisting that I purchase another.

This is becoming incredibly frustrating. What should I do?

Request a mutual cancellation and find someone else. :slight_smile:

Tell him you paid 10 dollars for 1 job, not for two jobs, and if he doesn’t want to do it you will find someone else. Try very simple sentences, extremely simple, if it doesn’t work you may have to cancel :c


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