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Problem with seller


I recently purchased a gig from a user on here and it said she would deliver in 24 hours and it’s been 4 days now, no reply from seller. Where and how do I report this ?


I ordered a gig from someone, paid for it, and several days later I got an email asking me to be a bit more patient, a day or so after I got an email from Fiverr ( not the seller ) saying they did not do my work and are refunding my money, which they did.

Not a solitary word from the seller, to apologize, explain, or anything. That is pretty rude to say the least.

I paid, had the seller say they will send. Get an email that it is ready … the link returns to Fiverr home page, and I cannot find the Seller nor my goods anywhere on Fiverr. I filed a report with Fiverr. They have asked me several times to send the order number from my page … but that has disappeared … all I have is the 3 emails (which I have sent twice to Fiverr) showing deductions from my bank via PayPal, and 2 emails from Fiverr saying order is ready, but the links are faulty. I am not sure why the Fiverr rep cannot see that there is no record in my account, but I have documentations from PayPal and from Fiverr … the site seems a tad buggy at times. Three of my four 5-star ratings have disappeared into thin air, and I had to file a report about that a well. And I’ve only been here a week! Eeeek!