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Problem with tags like "email"


I am an email template designer. Most of the time i have to talk with my clients about email. but the problem is when ever i am typing the word email in the message box it shows warning "Terms of Service reminder: You may not communicate with users directly or provide your email, Skype, or phone number."

What should i do.

Please help me.

Thank You

That happens to all of us. It’s a built in reminder which if done, fiverr will terminate your account.

There is nothing to worry about if you are not going against Fiverr’s TOS.

Good luck.

then what should write instead of email to the clients ?

type it as e mail instead of email


You can type email and words like that. Nothing is going to happen. That’s just a warning not to submit your actual email address, but the word “email” itself is fine. “Money” is another word that I type frequently that comes up with a warning system, yet “$” doesn’t do a thing. I think the @ symbol sets it off, too. Just don’t give out personal info and you are fine!

It is automated but you’ll save yourself some trouble if you just “play along.” As long as you aren’t really breaking rules little to no harm done. To keep from a mistaken message problem, write mail or e mail instead of email (as someone else said) and p*y instead of pay, etc. The reason I suggest that instead of ignoring the warning is that sometimes Fiverr has been known to delay messages to check them out when they violate the filter. When discussing things about a potential transaction you can lose out if they delay your mail from getting through for a day or more.