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Problem with the earning-help

i completed a custom order and fiverr says you have earned 12$. but after clearing my account shows 8$ where are remaining 4$.

what is this- i smell something fishy

please help to explain this

I experienced exactly this issue on a number of orders last year. I need to take a break at the time anyway though, and never followed it up with CS. What I did notice is that for some reason Fiverr was splitting orders up. ie. I would complete an order where after Fiver’s 20% take I should have $12, but for some reason this would show as $8 & $4 clearing separately.

In this case, look to see if your lost $4 is clearing anywhere separately.

Best practice is to keep a excel file tally of all your earnings and take screenshots if there is a problem with funds.

thanks mate. it helped. Orders were split.