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Problem with the “Earnings” section.. Help


Hello, I am new on Fiverr (I’m registered for a couple of months but I did not have any orders until two weeks ago. I have one problem: I have my first order completed two weeks ago (it was already July). I got 5$ then. Today, I completed my second order. I got 10$ for my gig and 10$ tip. Can someone please tell me why is my P. Balance 4$ (money I can use to buy something on Fiverr); Earning in July 20$(I think it should be 22$? - 4$ first gig, 8$ second and the tip 10$); and the most confusing thing- why is my pending clearance 16$? I already explored meanings of all these stuff but I really can’t figure it out. Please if you can, help me. I am new here… Thank you!!!


Fiverr takes 20% from everything you earn, including tips. So for a $20 order, you’d receive $16 in the back end.


$1 from each $5 you make. Welcome to Fiverr!@wasdey


Thanks so much! I like it, you can do something you love and get some extra cash! It’s really great for young people. But for older ones too


Thank you so much for your answer! Just one more question, why there is no money in P. Clearance from my first gig?(4$)


By pending balance, do you mean the green number in your upper right corner, or just the pending clearance amount?

If it’s from that long ago, it should have cleared already.


App version. And do I need to take that money on the day when is next evaluation or I can leave it there and take when I make more?


And here it says that I have earned 20 $. I don’t know is it like 4+16 (are they counting percent that they take) or 10+10 (my last gig - he doesn’t recognise my first gig(5$). Thank you so much for your help! It means a lot


I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be 4+16. It wouldn’t make any sense if it were the other way.


My balances are never updated quite right in the app. I ignore them on mobile and use a PC for analytics and financials. The app is kind of a “work in progress.”


That’s quite correct, especially the “Active Orders” aspect.

Once an order is “delivered”, it’s value stops being recorded in the amount of “Active Orders” on the mobile app.

It’s better to track your balances on the website if you want to avoid confusions. :slight_smile: