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Problem with these sellers


Is it me or are some of these sellers trying to get something for nothing. I am so frigging piss off with some of these seller offer a gig and then giving you a little bit of something or nothing that has to do with the gigs. My goodness. I had one give me something no ever related and then wanted a good rate. I call him on his sh. Then he said he make an error. He went in and put in what i thought was the gig offer. Then as i went into the details it was an old vision 1.4 and not the new vision 1.6. This called for you to update the 1.4 software and the video had a link for you to update to 1.6 on one of his up sale page of $37.00

I am so mad now i could curse. I know is’t $5.00 but it’s time wasted with this scamming seller and not on some of the other great professionals on Fiverr.


It happens my dear. The key is not to let these little incidents get the best of you!