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Hi, I have had last week one project for $20. But I’m still waiting for $5.5 in Upcoming Earnings. What happen?
Please for HELP!!


Hi, I’ve never experienced such problem. Maybe your money is in points as its $5.5 that is why its hard for them to calculate there :smiley:

Lol.I always read your comment & problems you post.Funny @mariarajput786

May be you got a premium quality image gig extra order…From this $10 you’ll get 25% that means 2.5 but in regular it should be $8. Thats why its showing 5.5 in upcoming. You won’t get this 5.5. COntact Customer service for removing this…

Thank you :slight_smile:

don’t worry, its a glitch.facing same situation from 2weeks, but when the order will complete, you’ll get correct amount in pending clearance.