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Problem with uploading Gig image

I can’t upload my new gig image. Every time I tried it shows error.

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you clean your browser clear history and cookies.

Same issue faceing me

What is the error you get when uploading?

Hello Arjoy007,
What is the error you’re getting?

Mahab Khan

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Every time it shows,
File upload error please re-upload
Still now

Every time it shows,
File upload error please re-upload

I had this problem too, it took 10 minutes to upload. :cold_sweat:

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May be your internet connection is so slow…

Internet speed 10 Mbps

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What browser are you using?

Try using an alternative one to see if the problem exists.

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it’s not working :unamused:

Is this problem solved?

I’m getting this problem and I have tried several times to upload.

Tried with Incognito as well but it didn’t help.

Any solution please?

Have you made sure it’s the right file size/type?

PNG file

307KB size

1200x628 Dimensions

And you have also tried a completely different browser with cleared cookies/cache?

(Unrelated to the error, 1600 x 1076 might be better dimensions, in general.)

Not tried in a different browser with cleared cookies/cache but tried in incognito. If I’m not wrong then cookies/cache is cleared by default.

Thanks for the dimension info, I’ll change it.