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Problem with video thumbnail

Like I mentonied in the title, I have some issues with my video thumbnail. I tried to set one scene as preview for many times and it doesn’t work.
Last night I changed my preview, click save - nothing happened. I was like: ok maybe I need to wait. I’m here 24 hours later, still with this crappy preview on my video editing gig.
One more thing, I saw that some people have customize thumbnail which is not part of their videos. How they do that?
Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

in past i experienced same issue but i dont remember how i fixed then but i think i changed video or its size to fix.

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The strange thing is that in all platforms I see other thumbnail. On my fiverr gig using computer it’s my face, on my mobile app it’s on the middle of transition which looks pretty bad, and finally on chrome using my smartphone it shows another picture. I don’t know what went wrong.

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can you change your browser and try to change video thumbs …

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Nice idea, I will try.

Hope will work ! must share the result !

What the heck :smiley: Using other browser and checking my gig as a guest it shows a proper thumbnail. Hope potential buyers see it as well. Thank you @king_of_kings for help. Really appreciate it.

What about thumnbail which is not a scene in video? Someone know how to do that? Maybe it’s 1 frame somewhere in video and fiverr automatically choose it as a thumbnail? If yes, where this frame need to be? At the begining of the video or where?

Clear browsing cache on your browser it might work for you…

As i experienced when we upload a video to gig it takes 24 hours i think fiverr team manually review it and then select a thumb for it…

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Guys whre is the solution. I got the same problem. Please help me anyone.

Wait for 24 to 48 hours. It takes time.

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