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Problem with withdrawn

Good evening, a few days ago I’ve tryed to transfer money from the website to my PayPal account for the first time. I’m still waiting the email to proceed but it’s not arrived yet. Someone knows if there is a bug or if it is a problem caused by the global emergency?
I hope to fix it soon.
Thanks for the answers.

Hi there, if it’s the first time, check the spam. if it’s not there contact CS. They will tell you whats the problem. Good luck

I may be wrong here, but l was wondering if Fiverr has emailed the address on the PayPal account, not your usual Fiverr email. Many people’s PayPal accounts use old email addresses… therefore, you may never receive that email.

Is the email address under which your PayPal operates, still your live email address for receiving messages?

I’ve checked the email everyday but only today I’ve find that in the “eliminated” categories. I’ve always thinked to find that email trough the spam but seams I was wrong ahahahah
Thanks a lot for the answers!