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Problem with work unsent / Problema con trabajo no enviado



I’m having trouble with 2 clients.

1.- Buy a service of “vectorize your logo” (3 days), but he didn’t send me a logo, trying communicate with him but no answer.

2.- The same problem, but buy a service express (1 day)

What I have to do?

Estoy teniendo problemas con 2 cleintes.
1.- Compro el servicio de "vectoriza tu logo" (3 dias), pero el no me envio el logo, he intentado comunicarme con el pero no responde.
2.- El mismo problema, pero compro el servicio express (1 dia)

¿Que debo de hacer ahora?


cancel the order. Make him order a new one when he replies with the information.


I agree. Cancel the order and direct him/her to reorder once they can provide what you need to complete the gig.