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Problematic buyer placed another order. Can I cancel without a valid reason?

Hello guys! So basically, this buyer placed an order a week ago. My basic gig package is delivered within a day, but the turnaround for the package that he ordered was 3 days and he ordered some extras that extended the delivery by another two. Literally 5 hours after he placed the order he DM’d me - “Hey man when is this gonna be done??” I responded and told him that there is a timer on the order and I told him this: Hello there! The lyrics will be delivered within the delivery time frame so you don’t have to worry about it. If there any concerns or if any questions appear be sure to let me know - I will be happy to help to which he responded - It did cross the time frame, now it’s been extended a extra couple of days!! Now… This was a red flag for me… I explained to him that he probably got confused by the basic gig package turnaround and that it’s not what he ordered. I then suggested that it’s probably best to refund him as I feel like we started on the wrong foot and that there may be a better fit for him to which he replied I payed to get a product not get refunded you know?? Anyway, we cancelled the order and I’m happy I dodged a bullet because the other seller that he bought from got… as you can imagine, a 1 star review. And here comes the funny part… He placed another order today, acting like nothing happened. I can’t explain it but I got a seriously “Off” energy from this buyer and I really don’t want to deal with him. I’d like to cancel this order as well, can I and how should I handle it? I will block him after I deal with this so that I don’t have to deal with him again but… I never thought that he’d place an order again… Oh well


Perhaps tell him you want to cancel because he must have ordered by mistake, the previous order he placed also got cancelled because you weren’t a good fit?


Your buyer is manic. Working with manic buyers never works out well. I’d cancel, block them, and I wouldn’t stress about giving them a reason. Just say you don’t think you can deliver wok to the standard your buyer is looking for.


What if he cancels the cancellation request? Can I really do that?

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Request a cancellation again.

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Just send another. They can’t force you to work with them.

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Can he report me to CS or something like that? I think that I have the right to work with whoever I want and that I shouldn’t be forced to do the opposite, but still I wouldn’t want to risk anything.

You Can send cancellation and if buyer can’t accept that, You Can send Personal message and discuss about the situation

I believe what happened was he felt slighted by having the previous order cancelled.

You can send him a cancellation request and a message that you can’t assist him with more orders due to previous communication problems.

You can instead relate all this to customer support and ask them to cancel it and be sure to include that explanation you gave us. I would not want to go around and around once more so would probably take that route.


What if CS cancels it, I block him and he makes a new account to place an order and leaves me bad review due to me rejecting to work with him :smiley: Just a thought

It would be very unusual if that happened. At some point you have to simply let go of those fears and do what needs to be done.


That’s it! Thank you

I have dealt with many people like this during my time on fiverr. They are literally maniac and want to fight. Best way is to give him something, tell him you are busy leaving somewhere, tell him to accept this as a gift and then refund. Block him and move on with your life. Good luck!

I don’t understand why you didn’t tell them when you expected it to be done though? Sure, it has 4/5 days to run so just say “I expect to complete this order on Friday” or whatever. He had a concern or question but you answered in an obscure way. Does a timer appear when people buy? I don’t remember seeing one but could be wrong.

Explain the order time - send a screenshot of the order which will show the days for delivery plus the extra days for the extras.

I understand the frustration here - I think the answers you gave were slightly argumentative or at least not concise or clear.

Or the other seller delivered rubbish (many do) and the buyer came back to you and is prepared to wait longer for something of quality.

I think that sometimes sellers are so concerned about getting a bad buyer that they do things that are irritating or frustrating for the average buyer. The buyer then acts (surprise, surprise) irritated or frustrated and the seller takes this as a confirmation of their suspicion without realizing they actually caused or contributed to the issue.


You’re absolutely correct eoinfinnegan. Many people don’t communicate in a gentle way but that doesn’t mean they are bad buyers. He was anxious about when he would get his order and was wanting to know when it would be done. It’s reasonable for him to want a clear time for that.

I don’t see anything here that would make me want to give him a refund. He was anxious and could have been calmed down easily enough probably.


If you’re easily irritated by questions that clearly show that a buyer didn’t read or didn’t care about your gig terms or package description, create a few quick replies that answer those questions in the most polite, emotionless and precise manner and just spam them whenever appropriate. That’s what I do to.

I also have to warn everyone that I won’t be updating them on “how it’s going?!” when I work because nothing destroys my spirit more than “how is it going?!” and “is it ready yet?!”.

To answer the initial question, I’m all for cancelling when you’re too uncomfortable to proceed. There are degrees to being uncomfortable, of course, from “oh wow, this guy really likes using 5+ question marks at the end of every sentence” to “this person talks like a potential online stalker I’ll be hearing from for years”.


How do you respond when buyers ask that?

Many of mine like for me to send them whatever I have done already every few days, but I don’t like doing that past the first 1k word snapshot I give them because I fear they will try to get me to scrap the whole thing and/or rewrite heavily before the story is actually done (which can cause me to have to write extra words and revise more than the package may allow).

Since I warn them beforehand, I don’t remember last time I was asked. It was something along the lines of “Hello. Your order is currently in progress and will be delivered on time, in the next X hours”. All that while exploding inside, of course. :slight_smile:

One time when the buyer kept insisting I provide a sketch in progress, I told them I didn’t do that. Got 4.7 with a remark that my communication style was a bit off. Which, I guess, is fair enough. But sketches are a separate topic. I’ll have revisions when it’s a finished piece. Otherwise, we might never get to a finished piece.


I’ve been fortunate to hire people with vision and talent so that I can have faith in them. You never know what you will receive exactly. There is great anticipation while waiting and wondering what you will get. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning and wondering what’s in that big fancy package under the Christmas tree with your name on it.

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