Problems about gigs promote


hello, i am venice, i created few gigs about 4 months ago, i am updating my gigs content regularly and i think the gigs are perfect for giving a clear concept about what i do for buyers and contents i think good. i am requesting to the buyers continuously. i have a portfolio about 100 works presented there. cheap rate also available but i got only one work for last 4 months :smiley: where is my problem i am still trying to find out but failed. anybody can suggest something?
thanks for taking the time to read. i know time is too important for any people. thanks again :slight_smile:


Dear venice:

I suggest you listen to the Fiverrcast episode “Working Through Language,” add videos to all your gigs, and read this post by twistedweb123, a host of Fiverrcast:

Good luck,


thank you so much :slight_smile: