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Problems facing on Fiverr

Hello! I am new on Fiverr and I was initially very excited to begin with the selling but there are problems that I am facing, due to which I think I have already lost hope.
I have 6 active gigs but none of them have any impressions somehow and in addition to that i don’t get to see the buyer requests despite the fact that it says “10 offers left today.”
If anyone here would like to help me I would really be very grateful.

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Some categories in the buyer requests are not hugely active, it depends on how many buyers submit a request in there. The web programming category is flooded with at least 20 requests a day, screencasting barely gets 1 request each day.

The not showing your gig statistics is a site wide problem that is on going for all sellers. Don’t worry about the statistics.


Oh okay that was very helpful and a bit satisfactory, thank you for your feedback. Hopefully the problems are solved.

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@writerentourage keep claim & Trying …

I have same issue but still now unsolved.