Problems finding a writer for a bulk order!


I’m literally at my wits end. I’m looking to hire a writer for a potentially lucrative deal, I need articles on a regular basis around 1000 words each. I’m looking for a writer on Fiverr and naturally I headed to the highest rated sellers. I messaged them and got a response like it was written by a kid looking to finish his esol certificate whilst earning a quick buck.

I’m from England, I would never mark an order as complete if it’s poorly written or spun, so I’m guessing these guys just play the game and see how many people don’t ask for a refund?


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Reply to @perfectgigger: How long would I have to complete the 24,00 words?


Reply to @donnovan86: I’ve not got a problem paying $10 per 1000 words here’s why:

I’m part of a group of 10 people, we all work together doing projects, all ten of us always struggle with finding a writer who can produce informative, high quality content and to a high standard. If we find a writer that can do that, then they will be our writer and we will make them a lot of money, even a possibility of becoming part of our group in the future.


I am a writer here, I might be able to help, but I need to know the deadline beforehand, and the price would indeed be 10$ for 1000 words. Check my SEO writing gig or contact me for more details.


You shouldn’t have mention any country in your thread. We have unskilled people everywhere, and not India and Pakistan alone. I begin to imagine if anyone would accept your offer (1000 words/ $5).

If your condition is more than the money you paid, than you’re likely to stuck in the middle.

There are hundreds of sound writers here on fiverr who will deliver great contents, but not for cheapskate like you. Five dollars is not worth dying for!


Reply to @stesim: awesome :slight_smile:

I need around 24,000 words initially and I already have the topics for you to research and write on. I would be happy to pay you $10 and also if the quality is good I will pay you an extra $5 upon completion :slight_smile:


Reply to @seofanatics: I think you’re jumping the gun here silly.

I would pay a lot more for a decent writer. Sick of people claiming to be able to write in English and receiving nursery style writing. Your comment also didn’t make any sense so I’m guessing you’re not a writer.

I’ve a budget of $500, if you read the title properly you would’ve seen that I require a bulk order. Move along now child.



We Fiverr sellers do gigs that are worth $5, but we only get $4 in the end because the website ends up charging a $1 fee on every order.

Because of this, many writers may not be willing to complete your work for just $5. My rate is $1 per 100 words, meaning for $5, I will do 500 words (regardless of the fee). If you would like, you can visit my gig page and see if you’d like to hire me.

However, I do have some questions about the work:

*What kind of articles do you need? (subject, style, etc.)

*How often will you be needing articles?

I am a native born speaker and I write quite fluently, so would you like to give my gig a try? I’ll do 1000 words if you will do a double order for $10.

Here’s a link:


Reply to @unitedstatesme: thanks but I’m not looking for SEO optimised content.

I want specific content that only a creative mind can divulge.

Thanks though.


I understand your frustration, but the bottom line is: You get what you pay for.

[About me: I have an MA in journalism and 40+ years as a writer and editor. I’m currently a magazine editor, and pay freelancers $0.75-$1.00 per word. That includes interviewing, a bit of research, and writing. Our articles run 1,800-3,000 words, so we’ll typically pay about $1,700-$2,200 per article. We’ve tried finding writers for less, but there’s a pretty clear relationship between price and quality.]

A month ago, as a test, I took a portion of an article I’d received from one of our writers and selected three apparently well-qualified native English speakers on Fiverr (who claimed to be editors and writers) to edit the article. Frankly, the article wasn’t very good. One had no changes. One had a few very minor changes. The final one actually did an almost-competent job.

I suspect I’d have a similar response from three “qualified” writers. In fact, take a look at some of the writing gigs on Fiverr and start counting the spelling and grammatical errors!

But do the math. $4 for 1,000 words works out to 4/10 of a cent per word. Let’s say someone’s a fast typist (70 words a minute), needs to do almost no research, and turns out copy that requires almost no editing. It’s just a nice, clean brain dump. So–with minimal research, with the editing, and with the typing–our writer can turn out 40 perfect words a minute. That comes to 16 cents per minute. It’ll take our writer 25 minutes to turn out 1,000 words, earning our writer $4. That’s a best-case scenario from an amazingly productive writer.

Our writer could earn more working at McDonald’s.

At that rate–no–you’re not going to find a competent writer. You’re just not. I read the posts and saw that you’re willing to pay more. But even at the higher rate, I wonder about your statement: “they will be our writer and we will make them a lot of money.” While the work may be there, less than a penny a word isn’t that much. I do encourage you to try the writers who’ve responded to your post here.

But your long search and your frustration don’t surprise me.


Reply to @wordsmth: Great post! If someone wants a great writer, you have to be willing to pay the going rates. I agree!

If the shoe was reversed, would they work for peanuts??


I have read all the comments. However, if you are still looking for a writer, I am ready to write a sample article(300 words tops) on a topic of your choice. We can then see where it goes from there. :slight_smile:


Reply to @wordsmth: You’re completely right!

I’ve since hired somebody who I’ll be paying closer to your price per article and the truest words are "you get what you pay for"

Thanks for this post.


Quality calls for money , if you need more work for less money you have to let go quality for quantity .


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