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Problems in uploading images


I’m new, I’m rying to crate my first Gig, and at the gallery step I can’t upload the picture I like, the error shown is: sketch.jpg: The minimum image dimensions should be: 550 width and 370 height
but the image is 400x 324 for the resolution I tried from 300 to 72dpi, and I also trried to uploand other images but the error is stil the same, using Safari or Firefox and I.m using osX El Capitan
can someone help me please?


I have a similar issue sometimes.


  • You can use a larger image.
  • Try Chrome


No. i tried with Chrome and it is impossible to upload the image…
i tried to create it again with different sizes and resolution. but nothing
It is a simple jpeg image in grayscale i tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome, I use mac OS El Capitan


I don’t know why but now i tried with the original one that is a scanned image in RGB 1802x1414 with a resolution of 600 dpi and everything is fine.
It doesn’t make sense