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Problems Joining Business Team

Hi! I was invited to join a client’s team. I created a business account (separate from my seller account). When I click the invitation link and fill out the field and role entries and then click “Let’s Start”, it just comes up saying “something went wrong”. Has anyone else had this problem recently & know what I’m doing wrong? I feel like I’ve exhausted every possibility and customer support hasn’t gotten back to me so I chose to reach out. If you have any advice I’d really appreciate it!

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I’d have checked with CS whether it’s okay to create the separate Fiverr account for Fiverr business before doing that. If it’s not okay you could get your accounts in trouble.

For the “something went wrong” I’d try reloading the page (ctrl F5) and trying again, if that doesn’t work, you could try logging out and logging in again. Also make sure you’re using the Chrome browser.