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Problems people usually face in uploading video on fiverr

Problems people usually face in uploading video on fiverr

You should consider following points before uploading video on

  1. Use only on fiverr at the end of video
  2. Video should be 60 to 75 seconds longer
  3. Format should be Mp4 which is a standard format can also use AVI
  4. Use HD quality Video
  5. Should have a professional script and sales pitch
  6. Should Film in proper lights
  7. You should look nice and professional
  8. Should try to build credibility
  9. Can include your portfolio pictures with your voice over
  10. Must include Call to action

It will help you in creating good video for you gigs

Well, Fiverr say “Videos should be at least 30 seconds long and at most 75 seconds.”,

“Max 50MB and using MP4 or AVI files.”


I had a video denied once because it was too long, and from the email I got, it sounded as if you just have 3 tries or something before permanent denial of a video upload for the respective gig, so better to be sure about the length before uploading, perhaps. My next upload under 60 seconds got accepted then. Hope the link helps, it seems to be a new or updated article, as it says “Friday at 22:01”.

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I was taking about a good video. It can be denied because of many reasons like poor video quality etc.

Yes, I read your post, but if someone makes it 80 or 90 seconds long and Fiverr will reject it because the official limit is 75 seconds, that will be good to know in advance, also that AVI is accepted too, was just an additional information from a page of Fiverr itself, which might help people reading your post and wanting to make a video avoid unnecessary work and rejections of uploads. Cheers.

A 90 second video will not be a good video, since it will be automatically rejected.


Thanks for your correction fiverr just allows video upto 75 seconds