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Problems which I am facing in fiverr

Problems which I am facing in fiverr
Hi community members,

1.Some buyers share the documents for the project which were unable to open nor a spam file. Once we ask them about it ,they won’t respond any more
2.In the buyer request send by the client mostly data entry work, the amount is higher and were asked to contact them directly rather than through Fiverr.
3.Revision threat, some buyers use this tool as to steal our time even though we had finished it in a perfect manner.
4.Replay issue (Even though we are keen to towards the response timing we are not getting no replay from the clients end.)


Unfortunately the buyers like you described prey on newish sellers who have only a few reviews. They try to cheat you and to get you to work for less outside of the Fiverr Platform. And, yes they will use reviews as a weapon to get you to do free work.

All you can do is keep following the Fiverr TOS and do not work off of the platform. Also, give the best service to the good buyers you do get and if you are fortunate your business will grow. The pandemic brought thousands of more buyers to the Fiverr platform so are facing a massive amount of competition.