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Problems with a Buyer

I have a problem, someone is buying me a lots of gigs from different accounts. I don’t really want to sell him because it seems to be a scam, but he insist in keep the orders no matter what. What can I do?

That’s the beauty of the Fiverr system… It’s an escrow system that makes sure that you get your money. It could be that your buyer has multiple Fiverr accounts that have credit on them, that he’d like to use to pay for your VA service. As long as you see that he has placed orders and they show up in your queue, it should be okay to move forward with it. If there is an instance that needs to be resolved via Customer Support, Fiverr will see that you’re an honest seller with a 100% positive rating and they will most likely rule in your favor to make sure that you’re paid.


No, that is a bad idea to go forward with the orders.

The buyer could be trying to order to give you a bad review, and if they have multiple accounts then some will most likely be banned and you will not be able to get your money once you deliver the order.

Ask for mutual cancellation and let customer support know what’s going on.

Don’t proceed with orders you think are scam. It’s not worth it.

If you have some way to prove that it’s the same user with multiple accounts, report it.

I would contact Customer Support to let them know.

They might be buying gigs with stolen credit cards.

I would just keep the first order and then do a mutual cancellation of all the others. And contact Customer Support.

Hi, Have a good night, I was able to solve my problem. Thank you all for your replies.! :)>-