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Problems with a cheater – Support won't help me


Well, I do not speak Spanish or Mandarin. But it seems I can offer translations from Spanish to Mandarin. No matter if the customer complains - I can keep his money. The support will be on my side.

Sounds funny? It isn’t. It is a real thing.

What happened …

I’ve ordered a translation from german to english language. The user promises (on the gig page): He is a native english speaker and a full time translator. I placed my order.

Then he delivered. Bad, really bad translation.

I wrote a message to another translator here on fiverr, a german english teacher. He wrote me: “Okay, this is really a bad translation. I doubt that it is a machine translation, because it would be even better. Seems that someone has overrated his English skills. From whom did you get that?!”

Well, and the fiverr support?

“… However, as the work has already been done in accordance with the Gig description, we cannot outright cancel this order.”

Really? “… work has already been done in accordance with the Gig description …”???

This is too bad.


Don’t worry, karma will get him and other like them. They are going nowhere with that kind of mindset…

Just make sure you leave a 1 star negative review ( don’t accept the refund)

Buyers are reading the reviews…


I would suggest that you take screenshots of your conversation with the 2nd translator. CS has supported people regarding bad translations before but it is unfair to expect CS to have people available who are capable of deciphering what is a good and what is a bad translation. I had a similar situation although it was from English to German. An established seller with over 500 reviews who delivered an absolutely incomprehensible mash-up of German words with no resemblance to the original English. I complained to the seller and he immediately cancelled the order making me suspect he knows he is not able to translate but gets positive reviews from people who don’t know any better.
When dealing with CS it is vital that you are as crystal clear as possible which is the reason for the screenshots of the 2nd opinion. No guarantees but this is your best hope.
I am a little confused though, you are from Germany and your English is good. Why did you need the second opinion, or indeed the translation? In this situation I would suggest you should translate it yourself and have a proofreader go over it, much cheaper for you.


Did you ever try to reach out to your seller to voice your concerns?
He might have canceled the order if you were not satisfied with the outcome.


You shouldn’t have accepted the work - instead, you should have used the modification request feature. This way the bad guy wouldn’t get any money until you’re happy.


@eoinfinnegan: The seller proposed that he will cancel the order once I’ve found some other translator who confirms that his translations are bad. So I asked an english teacher (from germany) here on fiverr. Unfortunately, the seller did not keep his promise.

What I do not understand: The support says that orders can only be canceled if the description of the gig is not correct. And that is the case: The seller says he is an English native speaker. And a full-time translator.

I have spent a lot of money here, in a lot of gigs. I’m really sad that the CS is so disappointing.


@liz_iudakhina: I will do that.


If CS cancelled every order that a buyer said wasn’t good enough then people would abuse the system. It is up to you as a buyer to prove that the delivery was not adequate. That’s why I suggest screenshots of 2nd opinion and anything else that might help. CS get a lot of time wasters so you need to present everything in a clear way. Might be an idea to get your second opinion to do corrections on a paragraph using Track Changes so you can send it to CS and show just how many errors there are.


I’ve found Customer Support to be of very little use both as a buyer and a seller. I don’t get many disputes but if I ask CS a question I expect and answer.

I had an issue last week and they suggested a partial refund. I was happy with that so I asked them how to go about it. Eight days later and still no reply. I’ve re-asked (is this a word?) twice and I have had nothing.

Juts got through a request to give them feedback on their support. I wonder how that will go…


give the guy 0 -1 rating and a bad review


Sadly, it IS a part of the Terms of Service. As long as they deliver the Gig, and that Gig fits everything that it says in the description, then it’s not up to Customer Service to cancel it. The TOS says something along the lines of “the quality of the Gig does not determine a cancellation. You can leave a review on your purchase, etc. etc. etc.”

The best advice is to give him a bad review and leave him alone. Don’t make it generic either. In fact, sum up in that review what you said here. It’ll keep someone else from making the mistake.


This is really bad news.
I think you can talk with support again with all messages screenshot.
Tell them about 2nd seller opinion.
Fiverr will help you.
If you can’t take refund than you can leave a feedback about your experience with the seller.
After that he can’t do this kind of work again.


Well, the whole thing is resolved now. But not in that way anyone would like.

I got a 50% refund now. But I had to create a new order for that … 50% of first gig amount. AND: I had to leave a 5 star review. After that the customer service cancelled the first order. The next customer (victim) will fall for this seller. This will surely lead fiverr into a good future. (Turn irony off now)

@carrioncutie: But this is exactly what I said. The gig fits NOT what it says. The seller claims on the gig page he is an english native speaker. And he claims he is a full-time translator. But he isn’t. An english teacher checked the translation and said: The seller overestimated his English skills. How does that fit together?


I got my money back like in 20 minutes.
I guess you only have to send some proof to support team.