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Problems with an annoying buyer


Hello, I have problems with a buyer, in my GIG of instagram story videos I charge 10 dollars for a complete package. The buyer wrote me by message and decided to pay me $ 5 for a more basic package that we agreed to. he has asked me for a number of big changes in the project, and even so giving him all the changes he keeps asking me for changes, since the delivery time is over and this will affect my reputation and delivery time, I try to communicate with him and he does not answer me just ask me for changes. What could I do?


You appear to offer unlimited revisions on all of your gigs. Legally, he can keep asking you for changes until the end of time… and you are required to keep providing them.

Those are the terms that YOU set for all of your gigs. You must honor the terms you have chosen to establish. Your buyer is doing nothing wrong.

if you want to resolve things, you’re going to have to work out a fair solution with your buyer. Right now, he is entitled to as many revisions as he wants under your current terms.