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Problems with articles writers

Hello everyone!
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Give it a full read.
I am from Pakistan. I have my gigs of article writing and virtual assistant .Mainly,I have my experience in article writing but all my work I did is offline and joined Fiverr recently. I created this gig a week before ,it has 74 impressions and 34 views. I have sent many buyers requests but none of them contacted me save one yet he didn’t place the order.Now, I need answers to some of my questions:
1.I have a mindset.As I am not a native English speaker and most of sellers with orders and reviews are native speakers but it is not necessary that one who isn’t a native speaker isn’t a good writer and other way around. Is it true? I need guidance.
2.Here is the link of my article writing gig:
All I need of you people to point out mistakes in it and suggestions to improve this gig.
3.When I send buyer requests to someone,many others will always send and one thing I can’t understand, in offer makers,there are many sellers with reviews ,then how can a client pllace an order to a fresher while the one with reviews is available (I can add here that it is equally possible that budget for both can be the same and same goes for requirements and extras).How this dilemma can be solved?
waiting for your response.
Asad sultan

  1. Non-native speakers can definitely be good writers! I know some non-native writers who are amazing at what they do, and some native speakers who can barely string together a sentence.
  2. I won’t comment on grammar or anything because I don’t feel up to it at the moment, but your premium package says that if the buyer orders ten articles, all ten will be free. The spacing in your gig description is also rather excessive.
  3. You can’t really solve it. Buyers are free to choose whoever they want to complete a task. It’s tough, but can you really blame them for picking someone with reviews?

Hi mate,
Since yoi sre good in writing why don’t you do a video scripts? That is very popular here :slight_smile:

*Just a side comment, I think when you want to use a comma (,) you should put it at the end with a space after it, like this. Please check!

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Hey, checking your gig, If I was a buyer looking for someone to write articles for me, I would maybe like to see a really well-formulated gig description. Maybe you could explain a little bit more in detail so that the buyer gets the idea that you can do more than writing down key points of the topics you work with.
Also, I think I am having a little issue with understanding your prices. The normal package says you will write 1 article with 500 words, whereas the premium one offers 10 (+1 for free) articles with up to 2000 words? Does that mean each article in the premium package consists of only 200 words? The standard package offers 5 articles with each 200 words as well. I’m not a writer and therefore I am not sure if it can work like this. But out of the perspective of a buyer, I think it would leave questions open. Maybe for that matter, you could add gig extras, for example: “I will write articles each consisting of more than 200 words (up to…) for an extra of $XYZ.”

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Hope you already get good answers if you have any question reply here

Many people ask for articles more than one. This is for the person who requires articles more than one.
Thanks janali.

What are your views in this regard?

Sir thanks for your response.

Today in morning,I was making changes in my gigs.
The mistake you pointed out was because of those changes.
I have corrected.I was just asking why are the nonnatives feeling difficulty in getting orders or it is just a myth.
Thanks for your response.

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