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Problems with buyer requests

Hello! First of all I apologize if my English is not very good, I do not speak the language yet …

probably not in the right category because I am new to the forum but I have a question!
I have 2 months without working in fiverr for personal reasons, I recently retouched but I noticed that in the section of ‘’ buyer requests ‘’ I only have 2 publications … wait because I thought ‘’ maybe no one was posted in search of any service yet ‘’ but I start to worry because I have 2 days with the same thing … in fact I have a friend who gets her list of buyer request with normality.

I have my active gigs so I do not see what the problem is, I only get the most recent publications … please someone advise me about it and thanks :frowning:


Actually, your English is quite good, no need to underestimate yourself :slight_smile: More so, did you know that many native speakers are annoyed when non-natives start apologizing for their bad English or lack of English skills? (especially when it turns out to be good like yours)

With that put aside, I’ve noticed other sellers complaining about the same issue here on the Forum, so while some have little to no buyer requests, others have hundreds or thousands of buyer requests. It might be a bug, or it might be dependent on your level, sales, etc.

I would recommend asking Customer Support about this matter, though :wink:


nice avice…

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As @Woofy31 said, your English Is good and no need to apologize.

About your problem, when I was a new seller I had the exact thing, but when I became level 1 I had about hundred buyer requests, and now I am level 2 seller and I get 500 buyer requests.

So I think It depends on your level