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Problems with clients and unfair behaviour

I recently had a problem with a client and I didnt know how to manage it.

Once the order was almost done with the information he provided he told be he wanted to cancel the order for this reason:

"… we had some severe damages done here with a hurricane and lost power/internet for 1-2 weeks and I have not been able to get back on to finish my website information … "

I tried to explain him that my job was almost done so I need to charge something for the hours spent and I get punished if I cancel orders but then he told me this:

“…I don’t want to give you a bad rating but I will open a ticket if I have to in order to get my money back and give a poor rating. Again I don’t want to do this but this is how I feel.”

I gave him the possibility ti cancel it and then we cancelled it…
I really felt really unprotected. What if I spend my time and my efforts on something and them a client want to cancel it for no reason and if I dont just damage my profile?
What can I do?
Is the second time something like this happened to me and I just want some expert advice on what to do.

You shouldn’t do jobs that take that much time. You’re just asking for trouble.

By the way, the word is behavior, not “behaves”. Behaves is a verb and you need a noun in this phrase.


If the client send you this message please take a screenshot and open a ticket with Fiverr support immediately. This particular abusive buyer should be banned from Fiverr platform immediately so that he can’t exploit other sellers.

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My job cant be made within a week. To say that I am looking for problems for the simple fact of delivery time seems a bit hasty, don’t you think? Delivery time has nothing to do with the problem

How can I do that? I know I can open tickets but no option like that appears, where can I communicate with Fiverr to let them know it?

I think I just found it inside the orders chat. Is that where I should mark the “abussing rating system” option?

Before accepting mutual cancellation I would have reported the buyer by following these steps.

You can do that too


I contact CS through their Help & Support page. The one you get to by going to your profile and choosing Help & Support. On the next page go to, the bottom and choose Seller Help Center . Go to the bottom of that page and select Contact US Then, finally you are at a place where you can send them a message.

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Thanks a lot for the information, You was so clear :smile:
I will do that in the future

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No I’m saying you’re treating a single order like it’s a full-time job and it doesn’t work that way. You have none of the security of an actual job, so it’s not wise to take such a huge risk.

You’re letting a system and client, both of which you can’t control, determine your livelihood.

So no I’m not “hasty” in saying you shouldn’t let factors out of your control determine whether or not you can to feed yourself.

But if you don’t care and want to take my advice as an insult, go ahead. But don’t be surprised if you can’t feed yourself or pay your rent one day if this is how you run your business.

Sorry for helping you avoid ruining your livelihood and means for survival, I guess. I’m such a bad person for that!

Utterly bizarre that you chose to take this as an insult. You shared a problem. I told you how to avoid it. And I’m sorry I did. Good luck.

You are taking it to personal. Please calm down, maybe I didnt express myself very well but Its a fact that I cant deliver orders in less than a week, If the clients ask me to extend it and later give these kind of problems its not my fault. You took 2 words to determine what the problem is and the fact is that the client is clearly abussing of the system. Just check the other comments… If a client have a personal problem doesnt mean they dont have to pay for the service they ordered and threat me with a bad rating review

You said " A bit hasty don’t you think?" after I tried to help you and then you wonder why I got annoyed. K.

I’m not the one taking it personally. I tried to help you and you got defensive with me for doing that.

If you want to carry on doing things that will hurt your business, be my guest. But don’t be rude to people when they try to help you and then act surprised when they don’t like it.

I am calm. I just don’t tolerate this nonsense from people I’ve tried to help.

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