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Problems with designer

We are writing to you becase we have problems with designer - ********* . We did order for 4 differenf design boxes for our products, we to her 150$, she gave us 4 files and told that it files are ready for print, but this files weren’t made correctly, on all boxes one and the same foto, texts were out of font on back side, on three different boxes is one bar code, but we gave her different barcodes we can give you all our messages with she. She doesn’t tell us that can be problems when we will print it, because her work doesn’t made correctly. We provide Fiverr trust, we trust your designer relying on professionalism, but now we have to pay to print company 450$, for work whch doesn’t made correctly because of designer and her we already paid 150$. We tried to talk with her, but she doesn’t want to admit her mistakes, can you talk to us who will compensate us our damage? Who will compensate us the damage that we havesuffered?

this is for what i have t pay now.and on back side texts are tha same and barcodes also

You had very good experiences with this seller 3 weeks ago. That’s a regular pileup of bad reviews you’ve just done there, although your English lets the complaint down significantly.

You might want to consider hiring a good English speaker for your English communications, especially if hiring. Your English is pretty hard to understand.

Even if you did get a poor delivery, if you didn’t, the best thing to do would have been to try to cancel the order and receive a refund from the seller. It appears as though you just left a string of bad reviews instead of seeking a cancellation from the seller or through Customer Support. You can still contact Customer Support if you want to but even if they agree with you, the most you can get is your credit back to spend with another seller.